Repair Process

At Pro Body Shop & Frame Works, we respond quickly when you contact us either directly or recommended by your insurance company.

1. The Estimate

We begin our process by performing a comprehensive, multi-point inspection. This helps us to determine all of the collision related and unrelated damage to your vehicle. By carefully inspecting the entire vehicle, we can write an estimate that is both accurate and equitable. All insurance companies know that once an initial estimate is written and repairs begin that there could be more damage. As your vehicle moves through the repair process, we work with insurance adjusters to assure that any related damages are repaired.

2. Body

Following the inspection, the body work begins. Simultaneously, all required parts are ordered so that once your vehicle is dropped off for repairs we can start. During this stage we repair or replace inner structural components as well as outer panels. Everything will be be aligned and repaired to factory specs and then the car is ready to be moved into our paint department.

3. Paint

At Pro Body Shop & Frame Works, we know that prepping your vehicle to be painted is just as important as actually painting it. This requires sanding away all of remaining paint and fixing blemishes and imperfections to return it to its pre-accident condition. Then we apply primer where needed. Next, we apply basecoat color and then a clear coat for UV protection. This makes certain that the paint will last and stay looking great for many years to come. Once we have applied the paint, the surface is inspected and polished to perfection.

4. Reassembly

After all of the needed repairs are done, we will replace the fenders, bumpers, panels, and any other parts that were removed. All of this is done while making sure not to damage any of the newly painted surfaces.

5. Quality Control

At Pro Body Shop & Frame Works, quality control means check, re-check, and check again. During this final step of the process, we clean off dust and anything that may have accumulated on your vehicle and ensure that it is completely clean. We will then smooth away any imperfections while protecting the paint to make your car shine. After a thorough final quality inspection, your car will be ready for pickup. This is when you'll be wowed by the repair and amazed by what we've achieved.


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